As an outgrowth of the previously-mentioned session at the Baltimore Joint Meetings on open textbooks, Albert Schueller has started a new blog, Open Mathbook, to offer “a place to promote, discuss, and develop free and open source mathematics texts.”  There’s already a bunch of great posts there, including a trove of interesting developments from a […]

While it was certainly a good conference overall this year, last Friday at the Joint Meetings in Baltimore was particularly fantastic.  From 8-11 and 3-5, we had about 15 different presenters share interesting and exciting work and opportunities in the world of free and open-source mathematics texts.  Here are a few highlights: – Richard Hammack […]

This fall I was glad to have a much larger number of beta testers using Active Calculus; about 10 of my GVSU colleagues used it for either our calculus I or calculus II, and at least that many other people at other institutions employed the text in some fashion.  Several of these 20+ people provided […]

My last post was September 4, 2013.  Oops. In the first week of October, I got a new (additional) job at GVSU:  director of faculty advisors for freshman orientation.  Given that we welcome over 4000 new first-year students each summer, for the past two+ months I’ve had considerable work to do in learning my new […]

In an earlier post, I thought to make my teaching more public, and then subsequently shared some reflections on how my calculus I course looks overall.  In this post I’ll give an overview of how a typical week is structured, and in the near future reflect on how a prior class day. As of Monday, […]

Well, it looks full.  31 students, 1 over the cap of 30, filling essentially all the seats in our regular classroom, and all but one of them in our computer lab.  Bless the good folks who designed our building with small classrooms and computer labs that only seat 32.  We are running at capacity here […]

I’ve made a promise to blog regularly this fall on my experiences in teaching calculus I at GVSU using Active Calculus.  Before starting that endeavor, here are a few overall thoughts. Teaching is an oddly private endeavor.  While it is certainly public and open with my students, my work as an instructor can almost be […]


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