Monthly Archives: September 2012

Reflections at 1/3-term

Each of the past several weeks has started with “write new post” high on my to-do list.  With 90 students in 3 classes, working on new sections for the second semester of Active Calculus, and the usual laundry list of life and work, the weeks have flown by.  Here are three things I’ve been thinking […]

Textbook Inflation

A recent US News and World Report article focuses on the high rate at which textbook costs have been rising and explains how the costs are divided among bookstores and textbook companies. While overall inflation is currently low, not so for textbooks: “According to the Labor Department, textbook prices as of July were 8.1 percent […]

Is Calculus MOOCable?

There’s been lots of discussion in higher education regarding the emergence of MOOCs:  Massively Open Online Courses.  These courses are free to anyone interested and are taken in an entirely online format; they are typically taught by well-known professors from elite universities. Among many questions about MOOCs that are being asked on the campuses of […]

Opening Week

(This post was originally titled “Opening Day.”  Given that the entire week rushed by before I could post it, I updated.) Classes started this past Monday at GVSU.  It has been the usual whirlwind getting things organized and started for my three classes.  Besides it being the usual exciting time of year, there’s been an […]