From fall to winter, from differential to integral: news and updates

So things have been pretty quiet here on my blog since early in fall term.  While there are all of the usual reasons for being busy, the main source of my nonposting has been that I’ve tried to devote much of my available spare time to writing a couple of new chapters for the text.  Here’s an update on where things stand with the Active Calculus project.

Several of my colleagues used the first four chapters and the corresponding activities workbook in their calculus I classes this fall; another handful of peers at other institutions used it, too, sometimes in conjunction with other materials.  Most of these users have sent me editorial feedback, and I’m deeply grateful for all that commentary.  I am presently working on implementing many of the suggested edits, including all of the corrections, and expect to have an updated version of the differential portion of the text posted by December 22.

While I was teaching integral calculus this fall, I also invested considerable time in writing material for the integral portion of Active Calculus.  My colleagues David Austin and Steve Schlicker also volunteered to contribute to the project: David is writing a chapter on differential equations,  and Steve is writing a chapter on infinite series.  Along with the two chapters I’ve been developing (one focused primarily on finding and using antiderivatives, the other on applications of the definite integral), we look forward to having a draft of the next four chapters of the text posted online by early January.

If you are interested in using the integral calculus portion of the text in the upcoming semester and want to see the table of content for it or get a preview of the not-yet-ready-for-public-consumption version, please email me directly at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu.

And now: back to work on the text.  More posts to follow soon.


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