It’s Text Selection Time of Year

If your school is like mine, the university bookstore is clamoring for textbook selections to be announced for the coming year.  To that end, I want to add my voice to the many who are urging faculty to consider free or other low-cost options for students.  While this has been a consistent theme here on my blog (even if I’ve been posting infrequently of late), it never hurts to be reminded in stark terms.

For instance, on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, he recently posted this chart:


Insane, right?  I mean, one can almost understand the inflationary costs of medical services.  But textbooks?  See more detail on this in Jordan Weissman’s article on textbook costs, which includes the chart above, which was created by Marc Perry.

If you’re looking for various options for free mathematics textbooks, Prof. George Cain at Georgia Tech has a nice list of math texts.


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