Monthly Archives: June 2013

Active Calculus is not like the NSA

So there’s a new brand of e-book out there, and it has an NSA-like flavor:  an e-reader that tracks what students have read. From a recent NYT article, “They know when students are skipping pages, failing to highlight significant passages, not bothering to take notes — or simply not opening the book at all.” They […]

What is the purpose of calculus?

One of my springtime habits this year has been to stop by Robert Talbert‘s office at 3:35 pm as I make my way back from teaching a linear algebra course (that runs in 6 weeks’ time, incidentally!).  He’s been teaching calculus I over the same period, using Active Calculus, and we’ve had frequent conversations about […]

A great text, newly free

[Sheepish apologies for my too-long absence from blogging.  Life!] My friend and GVSU colleague Ted Sundstrom has recently made his wonderful text, Mathematical Reasoning, free to the public.  After being originally published by Prentice Hall in two separate editions and widely adopted, Ted has gotten the copyright given back to him and generously chosen to […]