Monthly Archives: August 2013

How my calculus class looks this fall (part 1 of 3)

[update: I moved some Dropbox files around and the original links were broken.  I updated these on 8.11.14.] Well, it looks full.  31 students, 1 over the cap of 30, filling essentially all the seats in our regular classroom, and all but one of them in our computer lab.  Bless the good folks who designed […]

Making my teaching more public

I’ve made a promise to blog regularly this fall on my experiences in teaching calculus I at GVSU using Active Calculus.  Before starting that endeavor, here are a few overall thoughts. Teaching is an oddly private endeavor.  While it is certainly public and open with my students, my work as an instructor can almost be […]

College textbook prices: up close and personal

In the year since starting this blog, I’ve posted frequently about the rising costs of college texts, including here, here, and here. Recently I learned that it’s one thing to read articles about the issue or to hear students talk about costs; it’s another thing to actually be on the buying end.  My oldest son […]

Active Calculus: now endorsed by the American Institute of Mathematics

One of the goals of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) is “to encourage the adoption of open source and open access mathematics textbooks.”  Their editorial board maintains a list of approved texts that have been reviewed according to their evaluation criteria.  The list includes books for courses from calculus through many advanced topics, and […]

Looking ahead to fall semester

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’m excited to have a considerable number of my colleagues at GVSU teaching from Active Calculus this fall.  One reason is that an increase in people using it will lead to suggestions and improvements that will help the text mature and be even better for others to use […]

Screencasts for Active Calculus and the Inverted Classroom

It’s time to gear up for fall semester.  Over the month of August ahead, I look forward to sharing some news and updates about Active Calculus and related matters here on the blog. I’m excited that among the many sections of calculus I and II we’ll be offering at GVSU this fall, about half of […]