Screencasts for Active Calculus and the Inverted Classroom

It’s time to gear up for fall semester.  Over the month of August ahead, I look forward to sharing some news and updates about Active Calculus and related matters here on the blog.

I’m excited that among the many sections of calculus I and II we’ll be offering at GVSU this fall, about half of the instructors have decided to use Active Calculus.  Two of those folks, Robert Talbert and Marcia Frobish, have decided to structure their courses on the model of the inverted classroom.  Robert used AC this past spring, and Marcia did this past winter, and each thinks the text is well-suited to use in this manner of instruction.  A few others who’ve worked with the text find that it aligns well with many inquiry-based learning goals.

Robert and Marcia decided that to support their mode of instruction this fall, a sequence of screencasts was in order.  After we had a meeting in early July, they drafted a list of about 75 topics (!), an average of 3 screencasts for each of the 25 sections in chapters 1-4 for first semester calculus.  They’ve been very busy for the past month, and are now pushing the halfway point of this list with over 30 such videos already produced.  You can find the full list in the Math 201 playlist on the GVSU Math YouTube Channel.

Huge thanks to Robert and Marcia for these great contributions to Active Calculus.

As I teach our first-semester calculus class this fall using AC, I will also be using these videos as a resource for students to support work they do outside of class with assigned reading and preview activities.  I look forward to writing more about that experience as the semester progresses.



  1. 37 videos as of this morning.

  2. I know Robert has a lot of experience, but this is amazingly fast. I can hardly believe it.

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