Active Calculus: now endorsed by the American Institute of Mathematics

One of the goals of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) is “to encourage the adoption of open source and open access mathematics textbooks.”  Their editorial board maintains a list of approved texts that have been reviewed according to their evaluation criteria.  The list includes books for courses from calculus through many advanced topics, and now numbers more than 20 texts.

I’m delighted that AIM has seen fit to include Active Calculus among their approved texts.  You can see the particular page here, as well as from the main page, where you’ll find 4 other options for calculus texts, or 2 for linear algebra, or 3 for intro-to-proof courses (including my colleague Ted Sundstrom’s book, mentioned previously), and more.  It’s exciting to see such a strong, growing collection of materials for instructors and students.

In related news, Active Calculus is now featured among a list of “101 Prime Sites on Advance Math” at

I’m grateful to both of these organizations for their efforts to promote free and open resources for students generally, and their support for Active Calculus in particular.


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