Active Calculus v.12.30.13 – updates

This fall I was glad to have a much larger number of beta testers using Active Calculus; about 10 of my GVSU colleagues used it for either our calculus I or calculus II, and at least that many other people at other institutions employed the text in some fashion.  Several of these 20+ people provided regular and consistent editorial feedback, and I’ve just recently had the time to implement their corrections and suggestions.  My deep and sincere thanks to them for every single one of their emails.

The newly updated files are now available from my download page; as always, any person interested in the original source files may request them from me directly, and I will share them via Dropbox.

As has been noted previously at this site, thanks to my colleagues Robert Talbert and Marcia Frobish there is now a full set of screencasts to go with the first four chapters of the text: see the GVSU Math 201 YouTube Channel.  My students in the fall semester of 2013 raved about the helpfulness of these videos.

I also now have full sets of .def files for WeBWorK exercises for the text, available upon request.

As winter semester begins soon, I wish everyone well in preparing for and starting their classes, especially those in calculus.  If you choose to use AC, I welcome hearing from you at anytime with corrections, suggestions, questions, or reactions.

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