Monthly Archives: August 2014

Your (my!) annual vent about textbook costs

College students everywhere are heading to their campus bookstores’ websites to see what their textbooks are going to set them back.  Here are three anecdotes that have gotten me rankled just within the last week or so. – One of my son’s closest friends is studying nursing at a private university in the upper midwest that […]

Active Calculus – Print on Demand

I’m excited to announce that the print-on-demand version of Active Calculus has arrived at several online booksellers.  Via the comparison site Fetchbook, you can currently find options with Barnes & Noble and a couple of the non-US Amazon sites (for reasons unclear, the book isn’t yet showing up on Amazon’s US site, though it will […]

Active Calculus – Print on Demand — almost here

In my mail today, I got a printed copy of the proof for the book.  It was incredibly fun to see the text go from its purely electronic format and the planned cover image and see it actually become the print copy, lying on my dining room table in 3D: More details to follow as […]

Carroll College: Clicker Questions and Chapter Zero for Active Calculus

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this free and open textbook project has been all of the new friends I’ve made in the mathematics community.  I just got to see several of them in Portland at Mathfest, including Eric Sullivan of Carroll College in Helena, MT. As we caught up in person, Eric shared […]

Updated version: Active Calculus 2014

Recently I shared news that I’ve been working on a print-on-demand version of the text.  Lon Miller of Orthogonal Publishing and I are in the final stages of that project, and expect by the end of the week of August 11 to be able share the link to order a copy and information about cost.  For […]