Updated version: Active Calculus 2014

Recently I shared news that I’ve been working on a print-on-demand version of the text.  Lon Miller of Orthogonal Publishing and I are in the final stages of that project, and expect by the end of the week of August 11 to be able share the link to order a copy and information about cost.  For now, I’m pleased to share information about the updated e-version and the new URL from which it can be downloaded.

The newest version has a cover image now (to accompany the full cover that will be part of print-on-demand), and I have also corrected all of the errors that were identified between January 1 and July 30.  As always, I welcome hearing from users directly who encounter mistakes in the text.

While you can still find information regarding the full book and the activities workbooks from my main page, it is now the case that the text itself is being hosted on GVSU’s ScholarWorks cite as part of their Open Education Materials; in particular, my web page will direct you to the book’s new home link at http://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/books/10/.  My colleague Ted Sundstrom’s Mathematical Reasoning textbook has been hosted by ScholarWorks for more than a year now, and I’m delighted to join him there.

More to follow soon once the print-on-demand option is live.


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