Additional resources for Active Calculus

I’m excited to announce some recent or ongoing developments related to Active Calculus.

Robert Talbert and Steve Schlicker at GVSU are embarking on a set of supporting videos for chapters 5-8 of the text.  You can see the emerging list of videos from the GVSU Math 202 Calculus 2 playlist on YouTube (over two dozen screencasts already).  It will be the end of the present semester (or possibly the summer) before the list is fully constituted, but it’s wonderful that we’ll have a set of free supporting videos to go with the second half of the text and to complement those already created for Calculus 1.

Eric Sullivan and his colleagues from Carroll College have continued to work on extensions to Active Calculus.  In addition to a Chapter 0 on precalculus material and additional sections on differential equations and infinite series, they have now contributed two more chapters:  one on discrete dynamical systems and difference equations, and a second on some introductory linear algebra, both for use in an introduction to modeling course.  You can see their work in full at the Carroll Mathematics Textbooks site.  They also have a full set of clicker questions to go along with the activities for all 11 chapters of their version of the text.

This spring and summer, I will be working to synthesize and organize some of these supplementary materials on my own site in an effort to make it easier for others who want to use related material like Chapter 0 in their use of Active Calculus.


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