Active Calculus: things in the works this summer

Having survived both the Michigan winter and the Grand Valley winter semester, I’m excited to get working more regularly on some items related to Active Calculus.  Here’s an overview of my summer projects, two of which serve as a call for contributions from interested parties:

– working on Multivariable Active Calculus

Steve Schlicker, David Austin, and I are working together on a multivariable version of the text for use in the third semester.  It will be similar in style to the single variable AC (each section will have a preview activity, several activities, few worked examples, and a small number of exercises), and it will have some pretty fantastic 3D graphics, thanks to David’s fine work.  Steve has done a huge amount of work taking the lead on the initial draft.  We expect to have a PDF version freely and publicly available sometime in late July or early August.

– 2015 version of Active Calculus (single variable)

Throughout the past year, I’ve been glad to receive editorial feedback (typos, corrections, suggestions) from a variety of different users, and I have saved all of those for implementing sometime this summer.  Once I do so, I will update the PDF with the publisher, and subsequent print-on-demand requests will then have the most up-to-date version.  I plan to have the new version publicly available by late July.

– Answers and solutions to exercises and activities

Many users have made requests for answers and/or solutions to exercises or activities.  Thanks to a bunch of work from the wonderful folks using the text at Scottsdale Community College, I have a draft of typeset solutions to most of the exercises from the first 6 chapters, as well as to some of the activities in chapters 5-8 (I have solutions already for those in chapters 1-4).  I will be working to edit and organize these, as well as to develop solutions to those problems from the last two chapters.  If you have used the text and have any solutions/answers at all to problems in chapter 7 or 8, or to any of the other exercises, I would welcome hearing from you and, if you are willing to share, seeing your .tex code.

While solutions will never be publicly posted, they will be available to faculty upon request.

– Appendix of more routine exercises

One of the criticisms I’ve heard regarding the text is that it’s hard to use without a broader collection of more routine exercises.  This is a project I intend to crowd-source, and will be seeking volunteers to write some straightforward exercises for one or more sections.  I plan to put out a solicitation via email to the list of users I have, but also welcome contributions from anyone interested.  If you have a draft of any exercises you would to contribute for consideration, or would like to participate as an author of new exercises, I would welcome hearing from you.

I can be reached at  I look forward to posting some more frequent updates in the weeks ahead as I work on these projects with colleagues near and far.


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