Monthly Archives: August 2015

From my Amazon feed: Stewart’s Calculus for $272.52

In recent recommendations from Amazon, based on my prior reading and buying, I got an email suggesting that I buy James Stewart’s Calculus text.  Heh. The 7th edition, no less:  At least you can rent it for $50 for the semester. These annual complaints about textbook costs are at least getting shorter.

Screencasts for Active Calculus

In a recent post, I highlighted several different resources available to go along with Active Calculus.  I realized yesterday that I omitted a key one, one for which there have been recent additions. The Math 201 playlist on the GVSU Math YouTube Channel has now been around for awhile, with 92 videos and almost 65,000 views. […]

Resources to complement Active Calculus

I’ve recently had interactions with several different faculty who have been working on materials to support those of us who teach from Active Calculus.  This post is a summary of some different things that are (freely) available to users: Clicker Questions Eric Sullivan and his colleagues at Carroll College have a full set of clicker […]

Active Calculus: Single Variable, 2015 Version now available

This summer, in addition to working with Steve and David on AC3, I went through the original single-variable version and implemented changes to correct typos, clarify questions, and more in response to over 100 suggestions I received from users.  To all of you who sent those to me:  thank you. I’m pleased to say that […]

Active Calculus – Multivariable: initial public offering

Steve, David, and I are pleased to announce that a first public version of Active Calculus – Multivariable is now available for download.  You can find the file directly at, or from the general Active Calculus site. If you are interested in the source files, please email me at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu. Finally, a […]