Screencasts for Active Calculus

In a recent post, I highlighted several different resources available to go along with Active Calculus.  I realized yesterday that I omitted a key one, one for which there have been recent additions.

The Math 201 playlist on the GVSU Math YouTube Channel has now been around for awhile, with 92 videos and almost 65,000 views.  It includes screencasts for each section of chapters 1-4 of Active Calculus, and was developed by my colleagues Robert Talbert and Marcia Frobish.

With work over the past several months by GVSU Math faculty David Clark, Shelly Smith, Steve Schlicker, along with more contributions from Robert Talbert and Marcia Frobish, we are delighted to now have a Math 202 playlist on our YouTube channel.  The 202 playlist also has over 90 videos and provides supplemental instruction for nearly all of the sections in chapters 5-8 of Active Calculus.

I want to express my deep thanks to all of these colleagues who have made this fantastic free resource available to calculus students everywhere.


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  1. […] about other complementary resources for AC in this post from 2015; don’t forget there are lots of great videos that accompany the text, […]

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