Active Calculus (Single Variable): 2016 Edition now available

It’s August (and Mathfest!), so time for an annual update to AC.

I have fixed every known error in the 2015 version and have implemented nearly all of the requests/suggestions that users sent me over the past year. The new version of the PDF is now available in the usual location at (you may need to refresh your browser if you’ve downloaded it from there before).

For the 2016 version, note that the cover color has changed to blue (from green), which will hopefully help identify the current edition more easily for students if they choose to purchase the print version. The 2016 print-on-demand version is also now available, for instance via Amazon via Lightning Source.

(The 2016 version is quite similar to 2015, and there haven’t been any changes to exercises or activities beyond fixing errors, so it shouldn’t be a big deal if students have an earlier version. There are likely some slight changes in page numbers. I have found that if I don’t give my students a direct link to the particular edition at Amazon or B&N and they go searching themselves, they often end up with other versions than the most current.)

There are corresponding updates to the activities workbooks.  You can find the links to those along with information about other complementary resources for AC in this post from 2015; don’t forget there are lots of great videos that accompany the text, too.

I want to express my considerable thanks to everyone who sent me errors and suggestions over the course of the past year. I hope that if you are using the text you will continue to send me ways you see for how the text can be bettered.

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