Active Calculus: usage statistics

One of the superb librarians at GVSU who manages the site that hosts AC sent me access to a dashboard that reveals a lot of interesting user data.

For example, after GVSU, the 10 locations/institutions that have downloaded AC most are:

Westmont College
Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
University of Redlands
Keene State College
St Ignatius High School
Middlebury College
University of British Columbia
Adelphi University
Nevada System of Higher Education
Washington & Lee University

In addition, there are some really interesting maps of download data, such as these (which summarize the downloads in calendar year 2015):

AC global usage statisticsAC NA usage statistics

I’d like to reiterate a request I have made in the past: if your HS/college/university has adopted AC, could you please send me a direct note to let me know that?  Also, if you email me directly for anything related to AC, I’ll add you to my email list of contacts, which I use a couple of times a year to share text updates directly.  You can reach me at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu.


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