2017 version of Active Calculus: more updates + notes on differences from 2016

Here are several updates to follow my most recent post.

+ The 2017 PDF version has been finalized and posted online; the HTML has been slightly updated as a result of work to get the PDF looking suitable. If you have previously been accessing the HTML via my site, be sure to refresh your browser in any pages you’ve viewed.

+ Steve Schlicker has an updated version of the multivariable text online and that now has a print-on-demand option.

+ Note well that there are now both 2016 and 2017 editions of the single variable text. Please take care in pointing students to the version you want to use.

The 2016 version is essentially unchanged from the one posted August 2016 and will remain static going forward. For the 2017 version, the main differences are:

HTML version that can even be used on smartphones
– live WeBWorK exercises in the HTML version
– the WeBWorK exercises change the numbering of the non-WeBWorK exercises from 2016 & prior
– renumbering* of preview activities and activities from 2016 & prior

* in the 2016 and earlier versions, typical numbering was, for example: in Section 3.2, Preview Activity 3.2 followed by Activity 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6, as the activities were numbered sequentially throughout the chapter. In the 2017 version, both preview and regular activities are numbered in sequence within the section. So, in Section 3.2, you’ll find Preview Activity 3.2.1, followed by Activity 3.2.2, 3.2.3, and 3.2.4. There has been little to no change in the activities themselves.

In a forthcoming post here on the blog, I’ll offer some suggestions about how to use HTML vs PDF vs print.  While I expect that HTML will be the primary interface for most users, having at least a PDF copy will be important and having a print copy may be ideal.

+ Speaking of print, I’m in the final stages of the process to get a print-on-demand version of the 2017 text available from Amazon via CreateSpace. I’m optimistic that will be up and for sale by the end of next week (Friday, August 25), and hopefully sooner. I will post a link on my main home page and add a post here on the blog when it’s available.

+ I’ve created activities workbooks to go with chapters 1-4 and 5-8 for the 2017 edition.

More to follow soon.  As always, thanks for your interest in and use of AC.  I welcome hearing from you with questions or suggestions.



  1. ian lipscomb · · Reply

    Are there model answers available for the exercises in the active maths

    1. I have solutions to select exercises that I can make available to instructors if they email me directly.

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