More Linear Algebra

Many years ago, Gil Strang wrote a wonderful short essay titled “Too Much Calculus.”  His thesis:  calculus and linear algebra are imbalanced in the curriculum.  Even as the author of a calculus text, I totally agree.  Our students need more linear algebra, more in terms of time, exposure, and understanding.

My phenomenally talented friend and GVSU colleague David Austin is working to address this situation by making linear algebra more accessible to students.  He has just released the first public draft of his new free, open-source textbook, Understanding Linear Algebra, which is available in HTML format thanks to PreTeXt.  The HTML version of the text has interactive Sage cells and stunning interactive graphics (scroll down, for instance, to the moveable figure in Activity 2.6.2).

I urge you to not only check out the text, but also David’s new blog, More Linear Algebra.  He has a high quality product, keen insights, and more on the way.

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