Active Calculus 2018 Workbooks – now available in print

New for 2018, we’ve created bound, print versions of the activities workbooks for Active Calculus.  There’s one for chapters 1-4 (the typical first semester differential calculus material), and another for chapters 5-8 (the typical second semester integral calculus).

Each workbook is 8.5×11″ in size with a soft-bound cover.  The activities are printed on the faces of the odd pages with the even pages left blank for additional room to work.  The pages are not perforated nor three-hole punched, so they are not designed to be removed to hand in.  But I think the format is a really nice one for student to take notes in:  all the activity statements are provided, graphs are large and easy to mark up (including blank axes where appropriate), and all of the activities are in a single location for students.

The workbooks share the same table of contents and a single page-numbering scheme, but are separated into two books so that they are lighter and each appropriate to a single course.  They each sell for $7.95.

University bookstores are still welcome to print the PDFs as coursepacks and sell them to students if that route is preferred.  The PDF versions of the workbook are available upon request at boelkinm at gvsu dot edu.

Special thanks to production editor Mitch Keller of Morningside College for his efforts that have made these activity workbooks possible.

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