Active Calculus Preview Activities in Desmos

My GVSU colleagues Marcia Frobish and Taylor Short have created Desmos versions of nearly all of the preview activities in Active Calculus (single variable).  You can see the full collection here, and each link offers an option to preview what students would see if you assigned the particular preview activity to them.  Several even provide students the opportunity to sketch graphs electronically.

By creating an instructor account in Desmos, anyone can use these versions of the previews and assign them in this format to their students and use the wonderful features of Desmos to have students explore and respond while also being able to track students’ progress electronically.

Taylor and Marcia:  thank you for providing this great resource for others to use as a complement to Active Calculus.



  1. Kathleen Bliss · · Reply

    The link to the desmos activities isn’t active and I have been able to find only 2 desmos activities via google. Is there another link that works? Thanks for this

    1. The link was temporarily changed, but the original has been restored. Can you try it again?

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