MIT Electronic Seminar on Mathematics Education – how I structure my calculus classes for active learning

I’m excited to share that I’ve been invited to be one of the speakers in the excellent MIT EMES seminar.  My presentation on Tuesday, 10/2/18, at noon EST will be a practice-focused discussion centered on how I structure my calculus classes around active learning.  I’ll share explicitly how I use Active Calculus and a collection of ancillary materials that I and others have developed.  The talk will be a good update to this post that I wrote four years ago (especially since I never completed the promised following post).

The seminar will emphasize ways to use active learning, but there will definitely be a pitch for using and sharing free and open source materials.

The seminar is held on Zoom and is open to anyone interested in attending.  Presentations are recorded and available after the fact from the website.  I’m hoping that many users of Active Calculus will participate so that they can actively participate and share ways that they are engaging their own students.

The ancillary supporting materials that I discuss will be available to others upon request.

I hope to see you at the seminar; you’ll be able to join it a few minutes prior to noon EST at this link:


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