Monthly Archives: August 2019

An argument for print textbooks

Here’s an interesting article regarding the effect of electronic vs print textbooks on student learning when reading for understanding: “Our work has revealed a significant discrepancy. Students said they preferred and performed better when reading on screens. But their actual performance tended to suffer.” The article has lots of interesting observations on things like […]

Active Calculus and Edfinity: an alternative to WeBWorK

Many instructors use online homework systems with their students.  This approach provides accountability for students, immediate feedback and multiple attempts on their work, and simple grading for instructors.  While I’m always glad to share WeBWorK .def files with users who have access to a WeBWorK platform, for people without such access there hasn’t been a […]

How to Use Active Calculus

I added new sections to the preface of Active Calculus this year, including “Students! Read This!” and “Instructors: Read This!”  My main goal in writing these was to help better ensure that users of the text are aware of some of the features of the text, especially in the HTML format.  There are similar sections […]