Google groups for Active Calculus

I’m launching two groups for information about the Active Calculus texts!forum/active-calculus-announce, where there will be infrequent posts announcing new editions and features, and!forum/active-calculus-users, which is a forum for instructors who use (or are considering using) the text.

At the latter, I hope there will be a lively exchange of ideas that center on the user experience, feedback and suggestions, and requests for new content or features.  My goal is to develop a user-driven forum that can further improve all three textbooks.

I have long maintained an email list of people who have contacted me about one of the texts.  I’m using that list to directly add everyone to “announce”, and invite everyone to “users”.  (Google only permits adds/invites to 100 people per 24 hours (and only 10 at a time!), and I have close to 400 people on my list, so by the end of the week I expect to have all of these out, at which time I’ll start posting some items for discussion on the -users list.  If you are on my email list, haven’t yet gotten an invitation/notification, and don’t want to wait, follow the links above:  anyone can join the “announce” list, and anyone can request to join the “users” list.  I intend to reserve the list for people who are HS or college instructors.

Finally, I’d like to thank Mike Shulman of the University of San Diego for prompting the formation of these groups.  I look forward to the discussion that follows.

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