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To access the latest version of Active Calculus in HTML, PDF, or print and learn more about the project, see


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  2. […] Download Active Calculus. […]

  3. This is very nice to provide this book for free. The info below might be of interest. Feel free to share.

    You can find play lists of video lectures corresponding to two semesters of College Calculus at:
    The accompanying book for the Calc I playlist will be available for free shortly at

  4. Adrienne Hestenes · · Reply

    Thank you for this awesome book! It is really changing the way I run my class, with students doing more investigations and problem solving during class, and me more as a facilitator instead of a lecturer. The students are definitely learning more.

  5. Badar Abbas · · Reply

    I really like your effort. I think that multi variable text is not complete as topics such as Stoke’s and Gauss theorem is not discussed. When will it be available.

    1. Another author is working on contributing materials for those topics. We expect that a year from now they would be publicly available.

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