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Last day at AIM: meet some of my new friends

One of the very best parts of the workshop this week has been the time I’ve gotten to spend with the people here, some of whom I had followed online or traded email with, but never met in person.  Others I had talked with briefly at conferences, and of course there are a couple of […]

A MOOC on Real-World Calculus

One of the organizers of this MOOC just reached out to me and asked that I share information about this free online course:  see the interesting trailer at  I love that there are people willing to share more about the subject with interested people for free, and to talk about it ways that share how […]

Reflections at 1/3-term

Each of the past several weeks has started with “write new post” high on my to-do list.  With 90 students in 3 classes, working on new sections for the second semester of Active Calculus, and the usual laundry list of life and work, the weeks have flown by.  Here are three things I’ve been thinking […]