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PreTeXt & the Future of Textbooks

Rob Beezer’s free, open authoring platform PreTeXt is what enables the fantastic HTML output for Active Calculus and so many other free, open textbooks. As part of my work with the PreTeXt Advocacy Group (Sally Koutsoliotas, Jennifer Nordstrom, Bruce Yoshiwara, and me), I’m excited to announce that PreTeXt is featured in the December/January issue of […]

Active Calculus Preview Activities in Desmos

My GVSU colleagues Marcia Frobish and Taylor Short have created Desmos versions of nearly all of the preview activities in Active Calculus (single variable).  You can see the full collection here, and each link offers an option to preview what students would see if you assigned the particular preview activity to them.  Several even provide students […]

More from AIM: developments in free & open math texts

So much to share, so just going to go with a bulleted list for now.  Hope to flesh out more over the coming months. The American Institute of Mathematics is a cool place and they have an excellent organizational scheme.  About 30 of us with shared interests are fully funded to be here for the […]

Joint Meetings 2014: free and open textbooks session

While it was certainly a good conference overall this year, last Friday at the Joint Meetings in Baltimore was particularly fantastic.  From 8-11 and 3-5, we had about 15 different presenters share interesting and exciting work and opportunities in the world of free and open-source mathematics texts.  Here are a few highlights: – Richard Hammack […]

Active Calculus is not like the NSA

So there’s a new brand of e-book out there, and it has an NSA-like flavor:  an e-reader that tracks what students have read. From a recent NYT article, “They know when students are skipping pages, failing to highlight significant passages, not bothering to take notes — or simply not opening the book at all.” They […]

Geogebra and Marc Renault’s calculus applets

One of my favorite programs is Geogebra.  I discovered it years ago when one of my students was submitting superior graphics in a geometry class in typeset work; I asked her what software she was using and how she found it.  She said “Geogebra.  I just googled ‘free geometry software’.” Duh. Geogebra keeps getting better.  […]