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More from AIM: developments in free & open math texts

So much to share, so just going to go with a bulleted list for now.  Hope to flesh out more over the coming months. The American Institute of Mathematics is a cool place and they have an excellent organizational scheme.  About 30 of us with shared interests are fully funded to be here for the […]

Joint Meetings 2014: free and open textbooks session

While it was certainly a good conference overall this year, last Friday at the Joint Meetings in Baltimore was particularly fantastic.  From 8-11 and 3-5, we had about 15 different presenters share interesting and exciting work and opportunities in the world of free and open-source mathematics texts.  Here are a few highlights: – Richard Hammack […]

Active Calculus is not like the NSA

So there’s a new brand of e-book out there, and it has an NSA-like flavor:  an e-reader that tracks what students have read. From a recent NYT article, “They know when students are skipping pages, failing to highlight significant passages, not bothering to take notes — or simply not opening the book at all.” They […]

Geogebra and Marc Renault’s calculus applets

One of my favorite programs is Geogebra.  I discovered it years ago when one of my students was submitting superior graphics in a geometry class in typeset work; I asked her what software she was using and how she found it.  She said “Geogebra.  I just googled ‘free geometry software’.” Duh. Geogebra keeps getting better.  […]