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Active Calculus: things in the works this summer

Having survived both the Michigan winter and the Grand Valley winter semester, I’m excited to get working more regularly on some items related to Active Calculus.  Here’s an overview of my summer projects, two of which serve as a call for contributions from interested parties: – working on Multivariable Active Calculus Steve Schlicker, David Austin, and […]

Active Calculus v.12.30.13 – updates

This fall I was glad to have a much larger number of beta testers using Active Calculus; about 10 of my GVSU colleagues used it for either our calculus I or calculus II, and at least that many other people at other institutions employed the text in some fashion.  Several of these 20+ people provided […]

Chronicle Articles on Textbooks, E-Books, and More

My friend and colleague Robert Talbert recently pointed me to a big collection of articles over at the Chronicle that are focused on the many issues surrounding textbooks on college campuses.  Lots of worthwhile reading there. One article asks about the feasibility of any textbook remaining truly free, noting that perhaps state governments could play […]

Secondary Public Offering: thru integral calculus

As promised last week, here is the newest version of Active Calculus, now with four additional chapters that can be used for the second semester of university calculus. The link above is to the full text, all of chapters 1-8, as a Google document that should be embedded in your browser.  From the new Active […]

Initial Public Offering: Differential Calculus

[Update in January 2013: in addition to an updated version of the differential portion of the text, I’m pleased to publicly share four additional chapters for integral calculus.  See the download page at my GVSU site and/or this post here on the blog.] After working in seclusion throughout my sabbatical and sharing early drafts with […]