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A new free mathematics journal

Interesting read here: I’m mainly posting this so I have a record of it, but there’s lots of similarity between what Gowers says about his journal and what we say about free textbooks.

More from AIM: developments in free & open math texts

So much to share, so just going to go with a bulleted list for now.  Hope to flesh out more over the coming months. The American Institute of Mathematics is a cool place and they have an excellent organizational scheme.  About 30 of us with shared interests are fully funded to be here for the […]

AIM Workshop on Open Textbooks

Very excited to be at the American Institute of Mathematics in San Jose, CA, to spend a week at the workshop on free & open textbooks, MathBook XML, and all sorts of emerging options.  Three things are totally clear from the outset: It’s an amazing group of 25-30 people here.  So many cool projects, smart […]

“But you feel dirty …” – why HS kids have to buy TI Calculators

In the same way that publishers take advantage of students’ captivity when it comes to needing textbooks, Texas Instruments does the same.  Here’s a fantastic article on the subject that quotes a PA HS teacher who says “But you feel dirty, because you’re telling parents they need to buy a device, and I know I […]

Active Calculus – Print on Demand

I’m excited to announce that the print-on-demand version of Active Calculus has arrived at several online booksellers.  Via the comparison site Fetchbook, you can currently find options with Barnes & Noble and a couple of the non-US Amazon sites (for reasons unclear, the book isn’t yet showing up on Amazon’s US site, though it will […]

How my calculus class looks this fall (part 2 of 3)

In an earlier post, I thought to make my teaching more public, and then subsequently shared some reflections on how my calculus I course looks overall.  In this post I’ll give an overview of how a typical week is structured, and in the near future reflect on how a prior class day. As of Monday, […]

What is the purpose of calculus?

One of my springtime habits this year has been to stop by Robert Talbert‘s office at 3:35 pm as I make my way back from teaching a linear algebra course (that runs in 6 weeks’ time, incidentally!).  He’s been teaching calculus I over the same period, using Active Calculus, and we’ve had frequent conversations about […]