A list of things you might find helpful if you are teaching or learning from APC, ACS, or ACM: + Updated HTML There have been minor updates to the HTML for APC and ACS. These are almost all tiny and fix small typographical issues. The PDF and print versions have not been updated because of […]


My wife is a professional knitter. She designs patterns, teaches classes and techniques, works at major events like Rhinebeck (think “yarn conferences”) and manages the social media for a yarn company and a yarn shop. Yarn folks often engage in a “knitalong” where a group of knitters gather regularly — sometimes in person, sometimes by […]

I’ve written a rough draft of a very different version of Chapter 8 for Active Calculus (single variable), and I am interested in feedback from users. TL;DR version: I have come to think that the Taylor series representations of the sine, cosine, and exponential functions are the most important series-related ideas in calculus 2, and […]

In late June, I was fortunate to attend a week-long UTMOST workshop in Ann Arbor that brought together education researchers, PreTeXt developers, Runestone developers, and textbook authors. The newest part to me was learning more about Runestone. Runestone Academy was founded by Brad Miller in 2011; Brad is an emeritus professor of computer science at […]

“The days are long but the decades are short.” That’s one of my favorite quotes about the nature of time and life, written in 2015 by a then-30-year-old! Ten years ago in early August 2012, I wrote this post that presented the first public version of part of Active Calculus. I had just returned from […]

For the Fall 2020 Pandemic Semester, I taught two sections of GVSU’s 5-credit MTH 124: Functions and Models, our calculus-prep course. This is the course for which I wrote Active Prelude to Calculus, and this was my first time getting to teach the course from my own text. I taught the course in an unusual […]

My GVSU colleague Mandy Calvillo has developed a fantastic resource for students and instructors using Active Prelude: a YouTube library of 122 (!) short videos that offer additional perspective and explanation on key ideas in the text. The videos are numbered and labeled in alignment with the sections of the text. This is a wonderful […]

Here is my just-in-time post for back to school, Fall 2020 Edition. Overall: The two main things to know about the Active Calculus textbooks (Active Prelude to Calculus (APC), Active Calculus Single Variable (ACS), and Active Calculus Multivariable (ACM)) are that (a) the main landing site (https://activecalculus.org/) is always the place to find the current […]

Erica Miller of VCU had a brilliant idea:  set up AC activities in Google sheets for remote teaching so that her students can work in breakout groups on a shared document.  Dave Kung learned about this in an MAA-sponsored session on teaching remotely and had the idea to crowdsource building the sheets; he posted on […]

My GVSU colleagues have developed extensive video content to support all 8 chapters of Active Calculus.  Each screencast is enumerated with the section number that aligns with the text.  At GV, our Calculus 1 is MTH 201, which corresponds to chapters 1-4, while Calculus 2 is MTH 202, chapters 5-8, and thus you’ll see the […]